Maymom Tubing Kit for Freemie Cups to Connect to Spectra S1, S2/Avent/Ameda Pumps

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Maymom Tubing Set For Freemie To Connect features an inner diameter of Maymom tubing which is designed to fit tight with all other connecting parts.

In most cases, you will use your own thick and sticky pump tubing to connect between the main pump unit and the middle barrier (backflow protector).

If you want to use Maymom’s tubing to make this connection, use the Quicker Connector to enlarge the tubing hole first before you connect it to the main pump unit. This way, it is easier to make the connection. The inner diameter of Maymom tubing is designed to fit tight with all other connecting parts. Its inner diameter must not be too large.

Benefits and Features:

  • Aftermarket parts made by Maymom for Freemie cups to be used with other pumps
  • This kit is to connect between a freemie cup and Spectra s1/s2 pump, Phillips Avent Comfort pump, or Ameda Purely Yours pumps.
  • BPA free, DEHP free

Includes: quick connector x2, tubing x4, short tubing x2, Middle barrier x2 (AKA backflow protector)

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