Maymom Widemouth Flange (spectra, avent, maymom 4-threads) Adapter To Use With Milk Bag, 2pc, 2nd Gen

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  • FIT MORE BRANDS of BAGS: 2nd generation design to fit more types of milk storage bags
  • NO UNSCREWED BAGS: Improved thread so the adapter will not accidently unscrew off the flange; "Extension tube included to be used with more types of bag
  • Fits most wide neck breastshields (Avent, Spectra S1/S2 Widemouth flanges, Maymom widemouth flange);
  • Material: Heavy duty polypropylene(PP), BPA free. Stainless steel spring.
  • NOTE: DO NOT place the product in microwave oven for sterilization. Use boiling water instead. DO NOT hold the clip area when you are pumping to avoid release of the bag, thus dropping the milk on the floor!

Fits most wide neck breastshields (Avent, Spectra S1/S2 Widemouth flanges)

Compatible with popular bags like Lansinoh, Nuk

Pump directly into storage bag

No milk loss due to transferring from collection bottles to bags

Disclaimer: Maymom is an independent company. All other trademarks (Lansinoh, Nuk, Medela, Avent, Spectra, Ameda) used here belong to their respective companies. Maymom is not affiliated these companies nor is the product endorsed by these companies.

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