Mobilesteri 4-in-1 Joy-Con Charging Dock For Switch Controllers

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  • Perfect for anyone who has more than one set of controllers! This charger is divided into sections. The upper section of the charger is just the light bars for status indication. The bottom section is the charging cradles. It can charge 4 joy cons simultaneously so that you can play with friends and ensure all of your joy cons are charged up and ready at all times.
  • Exquisite, Sleek, stylish and space saving design
  • Perfect solutions to charge your extra Joy Con controllers
  • Fast charging, vertical stand for storing and charging 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously using the included charging cable
  • Easy slide-in design and easy to use
  • Anti-slip mat function at the bottom of the stand provides a much better support on the surface
  • Safety protection includes over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit protections
  • Come with dual-colour LED bright light to show either red or green light, very easy for the kids to use too

How to use

  • Connect the charging dock to the external USB power adapter using the included charging cable;
  • Switch on the charging dock, it light up green
  • When you put your Joy-Con onto the charger that port lights up red
  • During charging, the red LED is ON. When the Jon-Con controllers are fully charged the LED changes from red to green again

    Red LED – charging
    Green LED – empty or fully charged
  • When the Jon-Con controllers on the stand are fully charged, even though it is okay to leave the controllers on the stand continuously for up to 24 hours, you are advised to unplug the cable if fully charged or unused
  • Charging time may take 30-45 minutes and may vary from models to model.

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