Mobilesteri Pro Multi-Devices Charging UV-C Sterilising Station

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Your ideal and dream all-in-one multi-devices charging sterilising station

Charges and sanitises 3 devices at the same time

Are you ready to give your Qi-enabled smartphone, Apple Airpod and Apple Watch a daily sanitising, while all of these devices can be recharged at the same time? This clever Mobilesteri Multiple Pro UV-C Steriliser & Charging Station is the ideal solution to give you both UV-C light and charging in one to maximise both disinfection and charging efficiency, ideal for use at home, or at work, to cater for the needs of a busy lifestyle.

This dream sterilising and charging station is a great option to sanitise and charge multiple items at once, where people still have to come to work and sterilise their device every day. It has 3 charging compartments inside: a) a 10W wireless charging zone for your smartphone (iOS or Android), a magnetic zone for your Apple watch and a lightning connector for your Apple Airpod earphone.

One-touch sterilisation button for better hygiene

It is an ideal germ-killing choice with multi-device charging capacity for your portable electronics. Open the cover and place the smartphone, personal items, watch, or earphone into the box for sterilisation and wireless charging at the same time. With a simple touch of the button, a 3 minute cycle safely sanitises your items with UV-C light

3 min high performance sterilisation

Simple touch of the sterilising touch-button to start up the 3 minutes pre-set sterilisation programme, the blue light will be flashing. When the sterilisation is almost finished, the blue light will be flashing quickly for 5 seconds and then switch off the steriliser automatically.

Multiple-devices charging stations /wireless charging

Supports most smartphones, Qi-enabled devices, Apple Watch and AirPods. The wireless charger on top works with iOS and Android devices

Multiple Pro UV-C Steriliser & Charging Station, with multi-devices charging capability is a powerful, professional and easy-to-use multi handheld device charging station with built-in UV-C steriliser function, which is powered by a large 2W UV-C light bulb that may kill up to 99.9% bacteria for complete sterilisation in just three minutes using powerful UV-C light. The built-in UV-C light allows the closed-box sterilisation of your smartphone or different portable devices or personal belongings simultaneously. Idea for people who need fast sterilisation and minimise the bacteria that stays on the smartphone’s screen. It is highly effective, making it an amazing essential for removing germs or eliminating germs on the different items that will fit inside such as earphones, watches, makeup brushes, puff sponges, eyeglasses, keys, jewellery at home. Ideal for offices as it is compatible with most Apple phones, earphones and watches.

By utilising the convenient wireless charging feature, it can wirelessly charge a Qi-enabled smartphone (Apple/Android), an Apple Watch or an Airpod earphone at the same time. It includes a 7.5W or 10W fast charging area on the left-hand side to fit most smartphone up to 5.5 inch, an automatically detects magnetic charging area for recharging an Apple watch and the included docking for recharging the Apple Airpod earphone in a horizontal direction without the use of a cable.

It has a built-in multiple safety protection technologies for over-current protection, and over-voltage protection. The wireless charging feature supports both the Apple and Android phone. By utilising high tech multi-devices charging technology and combining them with innovative design, this product allows your devices to be charged and to stay organised. While you are not using the sterilisation feature, you can open the box to monitor the charging status of different devices or reading messages.

How to use

  1. Connect the power supply with the included USB-C cable (5V DC, 2A or 9V DC, 2A is required).
  2. Open the top cover and place the smartphone, Apple watch and Airpod earphone into the charging station as showed in the diagram.
  3. Close the cover, press the sterilisation touch button slightly (located on the left hand side) to start up the sterilisation. The pre-set sterilisation time is 3 minutes. The blue light will then be flashing slowly during sterilisation. For better sterilisation effects, you are recommended to repeat the sterilisation programme 2-3 times for better sterilisation effect. When the sterilisation is almost finished, the blue LED light will be flashing 5 times quickly and then the light goes off. For safety reason, the UV-C light will be switched off when the cover is opened. You have to press the sterilisation button once again if you need sterilisation
  1. Wireless charging function (smartphone): place the smartphone at the wireless charging area, which is located on the left-side of the charging station. Press the wireless charging touch button once to start-up the wireless charging, the red indicator will be flashing during charging (if you don’t need the sterilisation, you may charge your phone without closing the cover).
  2. Airpod earset charging function: Slightly rotate the included connector for use with the Airpod earset and plug the Airpod earset to the connector in a horizontal direction
  3. Place the Apple watch in the magnetic charging area, the charging will then be starting automatically.
  4. Wireless charging and sterilisation can be carried out simultaneously. The red light and blue light will then be flashing together.


  • Do not disassemble the product by yourself
  • Do not use this product in high temperature or humid environments. Please keep the product away from fire or water
  • This product only works for the charging of smartphone that have a Qi wireless charging function. The Airpod earphone or Apple watch must be the latest version with wireless charging capability
  • Do not place any metal substances at the wireless charging area of this product. Please do not use any metal protective case. Please remove the metal protective case if you use the wireless charging function
  • When you place other small personal items into the box, please be careful of not the destroying the UV-C light located at the inner top cover as well as the charging part for the Apple watch.

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