Mobilesteri UV-C Steriliser Water Bottle, 360ml

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Mobilesteri UV-C Water Bottle with Integrated Temperature Display and Touch-Panel Control is designed to sterilise and has been tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria* such as Escherichia coli that may be clinging to the inner surface of the bottle or in the waters, using the UV-C technology.

The water bottle intelligently switches on the UV-C sterilisation function every 2 hours Comes in the size 360mL. Touch the centre part of the control panel, the water temperature will then be showed. Portable and extremely easy to fit into your backpack. Ideal for anyone who is going out or when you are on the move! Ideal for use at work or poor water quality environments. The smart water bottle has a built-in battery and is rechargeable via the magnetic charging cradle. The bottle is made from stainless steel. The product has multi-mode sterilisation and safety protection. As long as the lid is opened, it will automatically stop the sterilisation process.


  • The bottle has been tested to eliminate up to 99.9% bacteria*
  • Uses the magnetic charging technology
  • Multi-model sterilisation, free selection
  • Hydration reminder - Double-click on the centre touch panel part to turn on the hydration reminder to remind you to drink water every 2 hours
  • Extra long stand by time: last for 2 weeks when it is fully charged (depending on the daily usage)


  • Size: 21 cm x Diameter 6.5cm
  • Volume: 360mL
  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Materials: Food grade 304 stainless steel, Top cover food grade plastic (Does not contain BPA)

How to use:

How to charge the water bottle: Align the bottom of the bottle cap with the included charger, place the bottle cap on the charging cradle, the charging function is turned on, and the charging progress is displayed on the LCD

Note: During charging, all smart functions will be unavailable.

Switch on the smart control panel: Touch and hold the top centre part of touch control panel which is located at the bottle cap for 5 seconds to turn on the LCD screen, and the smart function is turned on.

Note: Only the centre part of the touch panel can be touch-controlled.

To check the water temperature: When the touch panel is ON, slightly touch the centre part of the control panel and the water temperature will then be showed

  1. If the water temperature is higher than 60 ℃, the red light on the control panel is on

  2. If the water temperature is between 37 ° C and 59 ° C, the orange light on the control panel is ON

  3. If the water temperature is lower than 37 ° C, the green light on the control panel is on.

2-hours Drink Water Alert Function: The drink water alert is designed as a regular reminder to drink water every 2 hours. Double-click the centre part of the touch panel twice and the “drink-water” alert will be activated. The LCD will show a “clock” symbol. To disable the “Drink-water alert”, touch the panel twice and the “clock” symbol disappears.

Note: If you disable the drink water alert function, the timer will be reset and restarted when you enable the function again next time. The Drink Water Alert function works only if the water temperature is below 60℃

UV sterilisation

The UV sterilisation system may sterilise the empty bottle or the water in the bottle. There are two mode:

1) Automatic sterilisation: When the power is turned on, the automatic sterilisation mode is activated, and the pre-set 10 seconds UVC-function will be started automatically every 2 hours until the battery runs out

2) Manual sterilisation: When the power is on, and your water bottle is placed in the horizontal position, then touch and hold the centre part of the top touch control panel for 3 seconds, sterilisation is then turned on and the UV symbol will then be shown on the LCD. The sterilisation time is pre-set at 60 seconds. It will switch off after sterilisation or you may press and hold for 3 seconds to switch it off.

Note: The sterilisation function works only if the water temperature is below 60℃

Automatic protection function: When the bottle cap is opened during the sterilisation process, the bottle cap automatically enters the safe mode to prevent ultraviolet rays from causing harm to the human body.

Note: If the safety mode fails due to improper operation, to avoid irritating the eyes and skin please do not look directly at the ultraviolet rays. Once this happens, you can touch the centre of the top of the bottle cap for 3 seconds to end the sterilisation function.

Low battery reminder: When the battery level is less than 5%, the battery symbol in the LCD will flash to indicate that the sterilisation function might not work and that the battery level is low. You can continue to use the smart function after charging.

Turn off smart functions: Touch and hold the centre part of the top of the bottle cap for 5 seconds, the intelligent function is turned off, and the LCD has no display.


    1. Make sure you never leave hot water unattended or within reach of children.
    2. Be sure to keep the UV-C lips out of reach of children.
    3. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling the bottle that has been sterilised
    4. Important note: If the safety mode fails due to the improper operation, do not look at the UV light to avoid irritating your eyes or point to your skin. Once the bottle cap is opened, it can be touched for 3 seconds in the centre part of the LCD touch panel to end the sterilisation.

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