Moo Moo Kow One Size Hemp (Night Time) Insert 40x14.5cm 1y+

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For Night Time!!! Inserts to be placed into pocket. Made of hemp, which is a trim yet ultra-absorbent fabric. More durable and absorbent than other fabrics, and also anti-bacterial. Hemp is environmentally-friendly because it does not deplete the soil and can be grown without pesticides.

How to Use:

Hemp absorbs slightly lower than micro-fiber, so add behind a regular insert as booster to last through longer hours on day od even through the night.

How to Wash & Care:

  1. Prewash 3 times seperately from other diapers before initial use. This removes the natural oils that can repel moisture.
  2. Wash on cold, warm or hot.
  3. Use only non-chlorine bleach
  4. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

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