Nepia Whito Tape (4 Packs/Cartoon) NB74 3H - FOC Showa Baby Wipes 99.5% Water 80s x 3packs

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  • The absorption speed of WHITO range is about 2-3 times quicker than GENKI
  • The breathability of WHITO range is about 2-3 times of better than other Japan diapers
  • Both WHITO nappies and pants are about 30-40% thinner than other Japan diapers
  • Premium Version of Nepia
  • Super Absorbent, last up to 12 hours! (S – XL)
  • Quilting technology pursuing the comfort of the baby doubles the surprising absorbency! Breathability twice!
  • To make the baby moveable, it realizes thinness that has never been before. Even with its thinness, it exhibits high absorbency and breathability.
  • Silky soft premium texture.
  • Use " FSC® certified paper " made from properly managed forest trees.
  • Made in Japan



Type/Size Weight Pcs/Pack
Tape NB Up to 5kg 74

Tape S

4kg - 8kg


Tape M

6kg - 11 kg


Tape L

9kg - 14kg


Tape XL

12kg - 17kg


Pants M

7kg - 10kg


Pants L

9kg - 14kg


Pants XL

14kg - 17kg


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