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is an innovation and leading edge of traditional baby walker. Is safe to use. It have been tested in laboratories on its safety in Association of Research Industry and Related toys (AIJU) and have been proven to demonstrate compliance with the essential safety requirements and CE marking.
NiniWalker replaces traditional walkers and have much more benefits like:

1. NiniWalker guides toddler with an upright posture
2. Adult can use NiniWalker with an upright posture without having to bend down holding the toddler's hands
3. Perfect bonding moment for adult and toddler
4. Safety - Made of aluminum and recyclable polyamides (Phthalates free) and comes with a kid's harness.
5. Portability - NiniWalker can be detached right in the middle, folded and kept in a carrier bag provided in the package.
6. Psychology - Encourages confidence and independence in the toddler while securing their safety.
7. Lightweight

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