Oribel VertiPlay STEM Marble Run Crayon Set(Set of 2)

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VertiPlay Marble Run blurs the line between playing and learning. Create a Marble Run on the wall with a few simple ramps. Easily extendable and completely modular; there is no limit to the length or complexity of the VertiPlay Marble Run!

Age suitability:
5 to 99 years

  • Build it yourself Marble Run
  • Educational, learn via play stick-on-wall toy
  • No tools required - simply peel, stick and play
  • Expand your play area (on the wall) while eliminating clutter from the floor.
  • Marble Run challenges are included to challenge your kids creative and imaginative skills
  • Reusable - peel off and stick on again for a new way to play
  • Made with durable high-quality materials.

Oribel VertiPlay STEM Marble Run Original Set Includes:

Set includes:

  • 2 Silicone Mat Boards
  • 2 Red Balls
  • 3 Straight Tracks
  • 1 Curvy Tracks
  • 1 See-saws
  • 1 Spiral Vortex
  • 2 End Caps
  • 10 Connectors

Dimensions of individual base boards:

  • Length: 37.2 cm
  • Height: 41.7 cm

Total area covered depends on the placement and configuration of the boards.

Marble Run teaches kids how to solve problems by thinking about how to approach them from various angles. Slopes, turns, gravity, heights, and more – building a marble run from scratch is challenging and teaches the fundamental concepts of engineering in a practical way.

Vertiplay STEM Marble Run Wall Toy gives a new dimension of play to walls.

  • Work well on a variety of surfaces – raw wood, laminates, dry walls and smooth surfaces
  • Doesn't stick well on textured painted walls and rough surfaces.
  • Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

Packaging Dimensions: 39.4 Lx 7.8W x 43.9H cm

How To Play

  1. Peel & remove adhesive paper on the underside of the silicon base.
  2. Stick the silicone base to the wall.
  3. Hook your ramps and tracks on the base to form a path down.
  4. Let your ball roll and watch as it travels down your tracks to the bottom!

How To Attach

How to Remove

It is easy to remove wall toys from any smooth surface without causing damage to the wall.

To remove: Peel from the top corner of the decal and bend it back over itself. Pull downwards carefully and slowly to avoid wall damage.

To reposition: Wall toys can be repositioned a few times (about 5-10 times, depending on the wall and the care taken when removing). Once removed stick the toy back on the film that it comes on. Or, immediately stick on the new wall-surface avoiding dust and grime.

Endless Configurations

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