Paladone Official Licensed Disney Winnie The Pooh Candle Rotary Holder

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This officially licensed Winnie The Pooh Candle Holder Set is designed to place in your room and create a lovely or romantic atmosphere for your next house warming or gathering. It comes with silver metal material and the candle holder is decorated with Sakura pattern outside. No battery is needed and it is extremely easy to assemble. As the hot air rises, the Winnie The Pooh fan blades will automatically rotate. It can also spin when the wind blows due to its lightweight design. Stylish and modern, it will make a lovely addition to your home décor, New Year party, wedding anniversary or special occasions. A perfect housewarming or Valentine's Day Gift. Suitable for Winnie The Pooh fans.

★ How to use★
►Insert the flat head of the support arm into the slot. Please pay attention to the directions and ensure it is inserted tightly to avoid any danger.
►Place the lid on the candle body until you hear a clicking sound and ensure that it will not shake, and then the assembly is completed
►Place the included candle in the centre of the glass holder.

►Please pay attention to the fire source and heat to avoid injury.
►Place the fan blade with the hanging ornament on the tip of the bracket. Light a candle in the holder, then the Alien flying saucer fan will rotate as the hot air rises. No battery is needed
►If the fan blades are not rotating, one of the reasons is that the candle flame is too small or the heat is not enough
►If a fan blade is deformed, please adjust the deformed fan blade to the same angle as the other blade carefully.

►When using a candle, please pay attention to the burning candle at all times. Avoid the candle flame is too big or use it for extremely long time.
►It is normal that the colour of the rotating parts might fade from time to time.
►When using the candle holder, please do not place it next to the curtains or any flammable materials. Always pay attention to fire safety when using it.
►After using the candle holder, please do not touch the candle holder immediately, especially the area that the flame burns to avoid a burn on your hand. It is recommended to let the candle holder cool down for about 5 minutes before touching the candle holder or its accessories again.
►Warning: Small parts and choking Hazard – Do not let children swallow or eat by accident to avoid the danger of suffocation.

Materials: Steel/Glass
Package included - 1 X Rotary Candle Holder, including 5 X fan, 1 X glass base

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