Pigeon Feeding Spoon Set

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Pigeon baby feeding spoon is specially designed to be shallow to suit the first feedings of a baby. It ensures that there is no food left in the spoon while feeding the baby. The spoon can be used to feed liquids without spilling them. It also teaches the baby to drink from the cup.

  • Recommended for 6+ months baby.
  • Ensures a smooth transition from milk to solid food.
  • Encourages proper movement of baby’s mouth when starting on solid food.
  • Both spoons have a stopper which ensures the spoon cannot be inserted too deeply into baby’s mouth.
  • Designed with you and your baby in mind, as the shape, length and depth of the spoons is most ideal for weaning.
  • The tip of the spoon is made from softer materials to ensure baby’s safely.
  • Designed and made to fit baby’s mouth comfortably and safely.
  • BPA free.
Part Material Heat Resistance Sterilization Method
Handle Polypropylene 120°C Boiling, Steam, Chemical
Spoon Tip TPE

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