Pigeon First Chopsticks Mickey & Donald Blue (Right Hand)

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Supporting rings to assist the finger movement and cute Disney characters on each chopstick will appear when moving the chopsticks, thus encouraging your child to move their fingers!

  • Anti-slip feature

How to use the product:
Put thumb in the bigger ring to support the secure holding of the chopsticks. Put first 2 fingers into the smaller rings to move the chopsticks smoothly.

Always use this product with adult supervision. Inspect the product before every use. Do not use the product for other purposes. Do not place the product near fire or in high temperature. Wash the product before use. Too much sterilization may damage the product. Food color and smell stain may occur but there is no problem from hygiene perspective. Wash and dry immediately after each use. Do not overstretch the supporting rings as they are made of soft material. The supporting ring for thumb is designed to be detachable for safety reasons. If it comes off, put it back in the same direction. The joint may break if you pull them strongly apart. Stop using the product if any scratch, breakage or crack occurs. If using the dish washer and dryer, make sure the temperature is within the temperature limit. Do not use commercial dish washer or dryer. In case of microwave sterilization, make sure to use the dedicated equipment.

Part Material Heat Resistance
Chopsticks Polypropylene 110°C
Supporting ring for thumb Polypropylene 110°C
Supporting rings for fingers Silicone rubber 120°C

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