Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker

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Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker is a convenient and compact baby food maker to self-prepare nutritious and delicious meals for your baby. Suitable from 6 months.

This 6-in-1 portable food maker makes food preparation easy & convenient.

  • Compact footprint, easy to store
  • Portable
  • 6-in-1 functions to Juice, Strain, Grate, Grind, Mash and Feed
  • Smart design of spout that ensures no spillage of juice when tilting

How to use the product:

There are dot indicators on the spout area that indicates the stacking sequence. With the Grinding Lid as a base, stack on the following parts in sequence: Juicer, Grater, Strainer and Grinding Lid.

How to clean the product:
Before first use, please wash the individual parts with Pigeon Liquid Cleanser and rinse thoroughly. Harsh brushes or powder detergent may damage the product. There may be some colour stains attached to the product, especially from deep-coloured food items like beet roots or tomatoes. However, this has no impact on the product use if all parts are washed properly. It is recommended to wash all parts immediately after use.
Use of dishwashers:
Read the User’s Manual that came with your dishwasher, and only use it to clean this set after confirming that the washing and drying cycles are within the prescribed temperature range. Avoid using industrial dishwashers.

How to sterilize the product:
Boiling, Steaming, Chemical Sterilization:
Grinding Bowl, Grinding Lid, Grater, Juicer, Masher, Spoon
Boiling & Steaming only:
Strainer (Do not use sterilize with chemical solutions, bleaching or by microwaving)

Avoid using metal spoons and forks as they may damage the food maker. Do not use strainer in the microwave. Do not use the Grinding Bowl as a food storage container. It is not recommended to place the Baby Food Maker in the refrigerator. For hygiene purposes, store the food separately in an airtight container if required

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