Pigeon Multi Function Sterilizer (15M Local Warranty)

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Pigeon Multi-Function Sterilizer features auto switch-off function for safety. It sterilizes milk bottles quickly and keeps milk warm for your baby. As your baby grows, the steamer helps you prepare your child’s favorite foods conveniently.

Having a good sterilizer will cut down some of your worry as a parent to ensure everything that goes into your infant’s mouth is safe and germ free. Making every dollar spent worth it, this 3-in-1 sterilizer can sterilize, warm food and milk in 9 minutes. Designed for greater convenience, it can fit up to 5 nursing bottles, nipples, toys, breastfeeding parts. Items inside can be kept sterile for 24 hours if the lid is unopened. Comes with 15 months warranty.

Integrated triple functions into a single appliance for greater convenience and utilization.

Auto switch-off function for safety.

LED display panel for clear indication of settings and status.

Sterilizer – water volume of 70ml Accommodates up to 5 bottles Fast Sterilization of 9 mins

Food Warmer – water volume of 150ml Steamer bowl with lid for food warming Adjustable Time & Temperature Bottle Warmer – water volume of 300ml Fits all sizes of nursing bottles Adjustable Time & Temperature

Steamer bowl, steamer bracket, mid cover for bowl, lid for bowl, water measuring cup
Part Material Heat Resistance
Lid Polypropylene 120ºC
Accessory tray Polypropylene 120ºC
Bottle tray Polypropylene 120ºC
Main body Polypropylene 120ºC
Heating base Polypropylene 120ºC
Lid for bowl Polypropylene 120ºC
Mid cover for bowl Polypropylene 120ºC
Steamer bowl Polypropylene 120ºC
Steamer bracket Polypropylene 120ºC
Water measuring cup Polypropylene 120ºC
Heating plate  Stainless Steel


Benefits and Features:

  • Sterilization - Kills harmful bacteria effectively, safety standard tested, durable design, no chemicals used, large convenient accessory tray.
  • Bottle warmer - Adjustable timer/temperature, Keeps bottle warm at desired temperature, fits all sizes of feeding bottles, preserve nutrients found in breastmilk, a temperature of 40 degree celsius strongly recommended, food warming, adjustable timer/temperature, keeps food warm at desired temperature, serves up healthy meals for baby

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