Pigeon Softouch Nursing Bottle Clear PP 240ML - Disney Car

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Pigeon Softouch Nursing Bottle Clear PP 240ML - Disney Car.

Backed by 60 years of research on baby’s natural suckling motion, our SofTouch™ nursing bottles is the best and closest you can get to moms, tested and approved by more than 1 million babies worldwide.

Moms have 99 other problems but nipple confusion ain’t gonna be one of it! The real simulation of the latching allows combining breast and bottle feeding to be possible. Anti-colic as our specialized technology of Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic.

For 3+ months. Made of clear PP material with improved transparency, with cute Mickey & Minnie Mouse design. 

240ml comes with M size nipple that has a Y-cut opening on the nipple. Milk flows out when there’s pressure on the nipple, encouraging and babies to suck to get the milk out. Babies at this age have developed some jaw muscle movements and is able to suckle to get milk out.

  • Clinically tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle

  • Shaped to help minimize swallowed air

  • Advanced venting system to prevent gas

  • SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple  – 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement

  • Bottle is made from clear PP (Polypropylene) material with improved transparency, and is durable and lightweight

  • BPA Free

  • Our SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple are designed based on extensive research on the 3 natural movements that a baby do while feeding.

    1) Latching on: The lips open outward and latch on the areola. A newborn baby has a sucking fossa that is small round cavity in the center of the upper jaw.

    2) Peristaltic tongue movement (sucking): ‘Wave-like’ tongue movement squeezes the nipple and extracts milk

    3) Swallowing: The back of the tongue rises, channeling the milk into the esophagus.

    Sterilization Method : Boiling, Steam, Chemical

    Part Material Heat Resistance
    Bottle Polypropylene (PP) 110°C
    Nipple Silicone Rubber 120°C
    Cap Polypropylene (PP) 120°C
    Hood Polypropylene (PP) 120°C

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