Professor Noggin's Life In The Ocean

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Publisher Description:

Explore underwater and learn about the amazing creatures in the sea. Discover facts about common mammals, plants and other life forms that make the ocean their home. Professor Noggin's series of educational games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favorite subjects! Each of the thirty game cards combines trivia, true or false, and multiple-choice questions. A special three-numbered die is included which adds an element of unpredictability. Easy and hard levels keep kids interested and challenged - while of course having fun!

Category Description for Professor Noggin's Science Card Games:

Each of these card games tests players' knowledge of various topics at two skill levels. Each game consists of 30 large, sturdy, cards, a three-numbered dice, and instructions. The cards have color illustrations or photography portraying an animal or object and two sets of trivia questions on the other. Easy questions are geared for younger children and people with little knowledge of the subject, while the hard level is for those with a little more knowledge. One player rolls the dice, picks up a card, and asks another player a question. If the player gets the question right, he or she gets to keep it, but if they answer it wrong, the reader tells the all players the correct answer, and it goes back to the bottom of the pile. Everyone keeps on playing until the cards are all gone, and the player with the most cards wins. An example of an easy question, from the Life in the Ocean game on the Great White Shark card might be "Are all sharks dangerous?" whereas a harder question, from the same card might be "What is my skeleton made of?" The game concept is simple, and the topics are familiar, making this educational trivia game a fun "diversion" from your school day that older and younger kids can play together, on the same footing. - Jess

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