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The Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry Indigo Blue baby carrier is specially designed for carrying a baby during the first year of life. Every Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry comes with a manual, storage bag for the carrier and a matching scarf for yourself.

Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry baby carrier
The Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry is a baby carrier from the Dutch brand Snoozebaby. Most know this brand for the soft and cuddly playpen rugs and other baby textiles, but since February 2017 they have also released a very cuddly carrier.

How does the Snoozebaby Kiss&Carry work
The Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry is a baby carrier that is slightly different from many other carriers on the market. It combines the softness of a stretchy fabric with the convenience of a baby carrier. The hip belt is first closed around the waist and then you place your child on your stomach in the ergonomic squatting position. After this, place 2 stretchy strips over the back of your child, a bit equivalent to a few steps with the stretchy sling. These lanes cross over your child's back and provide support from the back of the knee to the back of the knee over the rounded back and then upwards over your child's shoulders. When both 'lanes' are well spread over your child's back, cross them on your back and tie a knot at the front under your child's buttocks. Then there is a 3rd 'lane' the back panel. This goes up over the back of your child and clicks into place on the left and right with buckles on the shoulder straps that you have just tied. This last panel does not give the most support to your child but works together with the other 2 lanes that you knotted first. Due to this collaboration, the end result is a pleasant carrier that distributes the weight well over your body and which is soft and comfortable to wear.

When is the Snoozebaby Kiss&Carry intended for
The Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry has been developed for the first year of life (up to approximately clothing size 80). Because the carrier works partly with stretchy fabric, it is not necessarily the most ideal choice for much heavier and larger children, but that does not matter because that is not the purpose of this carrier. For the first months of a baby's life, the Snoozebaby Kiss & Carry is perfect! It is soft and grows with your child and is everything you can expect from the Snoozebaby brand. Cuddly at the top! It is mainly intended for carrying your child on the stomach. Back carrying is possible, but then someone has to be with you to help you distribute the 2 stretchable jobs over your child. The main purpose of this baby carrier is really carrying on the belly and that is fine because with you on your stomach is the designated place for a newborn baby.

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