Travelmall 99.99% Anti-bacterial Cross-Body Bag For Facemask Or Other Personal Items

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  • It has been shown that bacteria remain on smartphones to such an extent that these devices become 10 times less hygienic than a public toilet; this is indeed a worrying statistic. There is an increasing demand for people to get better hygiene solutions for carrying their daily small items (mobile phones, personal documents, wallets, cosmetics, disinfecting hand rubs, masks, etc.), particular when they are in public areas and when they are travelling.The Mobilesteri anti-bacterial cross-body bag is designed for use in daily life for storing your smartphones or other small carrying items such as keys, personal documents, wallet, etc. The double inner compartment is made of strong antibacterial fabrics material, which is washable. It has been tested to achieve an antibacterial effect of 99.99% (including Escherichia Coli-ATCC8739, Klebsiella pneumoniae-ATCC4352, Staphylococcus aureus-ATCC6538 and Salmonella Typhimurium-ATCC14028).

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