Travelmall Rizad UV - C Steriliser For Switch orType c Device

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The ultra-mini UV-C sterilisation unit is as small as a round coin. The shell is made of black high-density aluminium alloy material and is highly efficient. The low power consumption technology means there is no need to charge. The type-C interface design is suitable for smartphones or tablets connected to Type-C interface.
Just connect to your equipment and you can immediately get power and start the steriliser, plug and play. Through the mini UVC ultraviolet lamp rapid disinfection technology, it directly destroys the microbial DNA on your handset, headset, smartphone or your Switch game console anytime, anywhere. Disinfection and sterilisation of mobile phones, smart watches and different personal belongings have been tested to effectively kill 99% of E. coli.
The disinfection time varies from 5 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the area and size of the object. The product is durable, easy to carry, and does not occupy much space at all. It is safe to use no matter whether you are travelling by car, at home, office, restaurant, or traveling.

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