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WINK To LEARN - SING To LEARN Chinese 3-In-1 DVD Bundle is the first-ever flashcard-inspired Chinese Children Songs in DVDs - your child can now learn new Chinese words in a fun and entertaining way.


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This bundle contains:

[1] SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 1)

[2] SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 2)

[3] SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 3).


In order to save our Earth (and your shipping costs!) please note that the above 3 SING to LEARN DVDs will come in a sleek, black Multi-DVD case with a cover page inlay instead of in individual DVD cases.


The first-ever flashcard-inspired Chinese Children Songs in DVDs - your child can now learn new Chinese words in a fun and entertaining way. SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 1, 2 and 3) helps your child to speak and read more than 1000 Chinese words through a compilation of 66 songs. It's a wonderful blend between words flashcard, videos, real pictures and catchy Chinese children songs. Before each song, your child will be exposed to a short flash-cards lesson, introducing them to the key-words in the song!


Sing To Learn Chinese Volume 1 Titles:

1) 当我们同在一起/As We Get Together! 2) 捕鱼歌/The Fishing Song 3) 妹妹背着洋娃娃/Sister is carrying a doll on her back 4) 握紧拳头/Grasp Your Fist! 5) 溜滑梯/Play With The Slide 6) 火车快飞/The Speedy Train 7) 丑小鸭/The Ugly Duckling 8) 小小姑娘/Sweet Little Girl 9) 小星星/Little Stars 10) 下雨天/Rain Song 11) 造飞机/Building A Plane 12)蝴蝶/Butterfly Song 13) 十个小孩子/Ten little children 14) 一个拇指动一动/One Thumb Moves A Little 15) 三轮车/The Trishaw Song 16) 大象/Elephant Song 17)我愿做个好小孩/I Like To Be An Obedient Child 18) 我的朋友在哪里?/Where Are My Friends? 19) 头儿肩膀膝脚趾/Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes 20) 我爱乡村/I Love My Village 21) 两只老虎/Two Tigers 22) 生日快乐/Happy Birthday! 23)放学歌/After School Song.


Sing To Learn Chinese Volume 2 Titles:


1) 跳舞歌/Dancing Song 2)妈妈的眼睛/My Mother's Eyes 3)娃娃国/Toy Kingdom 4)懒惰虫/Lazy Worm 5)鱼儿水中游/Fishes Song 6)来猜拳/Finger-guessing game 7)月姑娘/Lady Moon 8)玩具王国/Toy World 9)伦敦铁桥塌下来/London Bridge Is Falling Down 10)可爱的家庭/My Precious Family 11)找到一个朋友/Looking For My Friend 12)青春舞曲/Youth Song 13)跷跷板/See-saw Game 14)家/Home Song 15)登高/Climbing High 16)野餐/Picnic Song 17)好朋友/Let's Be Friends! 18)种树歌/Planting Song 19)小女孩买菜/Little Girl Doing Marketing 20)大头/Mushroom Song 21)我们是好朋友/We Are Best Friends.

Sing To Learn Chinese Volume 3 Titles:

1) 欢喜和和气/Happy & Harmony 2)拨萝卜/Let's pull out the radish! 3)小白兔/Little white rabbit 4)母鸭带小鸭/Mother duck and her ducklings 5)小蜜蜂/Little busy bee 6)我是只小小鸟/I am a little bird 7)老鼠与猫/Little mouse and the cat 8)老乌鸦/Old raven 9)老鸡说小鸡/Old chicken versus little one 10)小毛驴/Little donkey 11)小马/Young horse 12)小花猫/Cat song 13)蝉/Locust song 14)快乐的小鸟/Happy little bird 15)蚂蚁搬豆/Ant moving a bean 16)哈巴狗/Chinese pug 17)萤火虫/Fireflies 18)狩猎/Hunter song 19)稻草里的火鸡/Turkey in the wheat grass 20)数蛤蟆/Counting the toads 21)小海鸥/Seagull song 22)青蛙大合唱/Frog Choir




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