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Speak & Read English 4-DVDs program is your child's best tool in learning English. It contains separate lessons for both English UK and English USA. It comes along with a free Parents' Usage Guidebook. This guidebook contains the detailed instructions on using the DVDs.


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DOWNLOAD: Parents' Guide/DVD Contents


This 4-DVDs program aims to help your child to recognize more than 500 words and to form proper phrases and sentences using proven flashcard-techniques developed by Dr Glenn Doman and Dr Shichida. Each lesson is based on the flashcard principles of Glenn Doman. Lesson duration is short (less than 5 mins) and captivates your child's attention using real life photos and videos. It consists a total of 48 topical lessons which systematically help your child to recognise words and to form proper phrases and sentences.


Other than the captivating photos, the English words are colour-coded into their syllabus using bright colours, which allows children to learn spelling 25% faster. Together with accurate pronunciation, this Speak & Read English DVDs program helps your child to develop a positive interest in English language.


Includes topics such as: Action, Animals, Colours, Flowers, Modes of Transport, My Family, Numbers, Descriptive Phrases, I am..., I can..., Self-Introduction, and many more.


Running Time/DVD: 40-50 minutes


English UK Voice-over Talent: Ms. Justine Moss. Justine has over 16 years of international experience in communications industries, having lived and worked in United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore


English US Voice-over Talent: Ms. Sonja Bretschneider. Ms. Sonja is an American from Minnesota who is currently an English teacher in based in Singapore.


Lesson on "I can..." (Level 5) - English UK
Lesson on "I can..." (Level 5) - English USA

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