Zinc Flyte MIDI Betty Flyte Scooter (1 Year Local Warranty)

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Zinc Flyte MIDI Betty Flyte Scooter is a compact piece of cabin sized luggage, that works as a pull-along case and has its own flip out wheels so that your child has their own scooter on-the-go! The ever-smiling Betty will brighten up every adventure. This nesting doll has cleared out her smaller companions to make room for everything your little one needs.


Benefits and Features:

  • 25 litre capacity – plenty of room for travel essentials
  • Cabin sized – perfect for stowing in your overhead compartments
  • Rock ‘n’ roll steering – stable steering system for safety
  • Sturdy but squishy – soft, bouncy surface to resist impact
  • Secure, integrated deck – scooter folds away and locks in place
  • Stash and strap – inner pocket and secure straps to keep everything safe


Product Information:

  • Recommended for ages 4+ years
  • Volume – 25 liters
  • Size – 10.2in x 13in x 18.9in (MIDI: Ages 4-8 years)
  • Product weight – 7.9lbs
  • Max user weight – 110lbs
  • Handlebar height – 29.5in
  • Warning – protective equipment should be worn, not to be used in traffic.





What is Flyte?

Flyte is half scooter, half suitcase hybrid. Pull out the stem and you’ve got yourself a wheeled case. Fold out the deck and you’ve got a scooter. Put it all away and you’ve got a piece of luggage that can easily be stowed away.

Is my child old enough for Flyte?

The Midi Flyte is currently available which is ideal for travellers aged 4 – 8.

What’s the maximum weight Flyte can take?

The Midi scooter itself can hold up to 50kgs whilst we recommend a maximum of 5kgs of luggage in the cases.

So Dad can’t have a go then?

We’re afraid not!

Can I take my Flyte on an airplane?

Flyte is the perfect travel companion – even at 30,000 feet, so we made sure it meets general hand luggage standards. If you are due to travel, please check beforehand with your airline! Still have concerns? Check out our Fit to Fly video, where we show Flyte fitting in to various cabin gauges!


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