Baby Bottle Feeding Guide


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Here is your baby bottle feeding guide! In this guide, we share with you:

  • Why Bottle Feed?
  • How To Choose The Right Baby Bottle
  • Bottle Feeding Essentials
  • Top 10 Bottle Feeding Products you Must Have (Featuring our Bestsellers!)
  • How To Sterilize Bottle Feeding Equipment
  • Tips To Enjoy Bottle Feeding
  • How To Bottle Feed Your Baby
  • Best Position For Bottle Feeding

Fun Fact: Did you know that formula-fed babies tend to eat less often?

Formula made from cow's milk is more difficult to digest than breastmilk made by mom. The large curds it forms stay in baby's tummy longer and therefore gives a baby a feeling of fullness that can last several hours, adding up to longer breaks between feedings - up to 3 or 4 hours, even when babies are small - and potentially longer sleep periods!

Feeding your baby is an everyday affair, which is why you need to choose safe and suitable products for your baby. We have prepared a guide on how to choose the right bottles and brands. Enjoy!


For moms that are having trouble with breastfeeding or latching on, or for busy working mothers that cannot breastfeed regularly, bottle feeding is a great alternative to breastfeeding. It can give you better control on regulating the amount of milk that your baby drinks and helps to ensure a constant supply. With bottle feeding, hubby also gets a chance to bond with the baby too!



When choosing the right baby bottle, it's key to consider the following:

  • Bottle - Indeed frustrating when you've seen a spilled milk. This can also cause much of hassle when you're on the go. You work hard for that milk, whether pumping or mixing, it's a drag to watch it go to waste, especially due to a bottle malfunction. Be sure to get bottles that are leak-tight.
  • Nipples - The flow of milk on the nipple varies on your baby's age. Typically for age 0-3 months, the nipple should be on the slower flow of milk. Your baby shouldn't be gagging, smacking or leaking a lot of milk from the corners of their mouth.
  • Ease of Use - Ergonomic shaped bottles are easier to hold for babies. Also consider a bottle that has few parts for an easy assemble. A bottle wide neck bottle are also easier to clean.
  • Cleaning - Bottle washing is key. Sterilizing the bottle is a must and the bottle should be able to endure frequent washing and the heat. Get a bottle brush to clean the insides and a smaller one for cleaning the nipple. For a great sterilizer, check out Hanil that is made in Korea.



There are many things to consider when you decided to bottle feed your baby. We created different categories to help you out what are the things that is really essential to buy when you bottle feed your baby. Check it out what are they, click on the key points. 

  • Milk Bottles and Nipples When a mom decides that she will bottle-feed her baby, she will need a number of feeding bottle and nipple, since this two are the most important in bottle-feeding. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes on choosing what type of feeding bottle and nipple will be used. A mom will need a lot of time to consider what will be the right choice for her baby's feeding needs.
  • Bottle Accessories There are many bottle accessories that are available out there. But there is nothing for a mom to worry because these bottle accessories are a great way to ensure baby's safety when feeding in a bottle. Whether it's for warming, cleaning, or sterilizing, or travelling, there is a bottle accessory that is available.
  • Bottle Warmers Sometimes a baby will woke up in the middle of the night and is looking for a bottle of baby milk since he is hungry. And with a bottle warmer, it is now easier for every moms to feed their babies in those late-night circumstances because bottle warmers heats baby's milk in just a matter of minutes.
  • Bottle Carriers Baby bottle carriers helps mommies to make sure that their baby's milk will be warmed or or cooled if they have to go somewhere. Though bottle carriers are bulky, it is still a great way to store baby's milk.
  • Bottle Cleaners Since a baby's immune system is not yet fully developed, proper cleaning of baby bottles is extremely important. And when it's time to clean your baby's feeding bottles, make sure you have the right materials or bottle cleaners to ensure that the bottle is properly cleaned.
  • Bottle Drying Racks Baby bottle are needed to be washed and sterilized all the time to make that there will be no bacteria present on it. And to further make sure that there will be no bacteria present on a baby's feeding bottle, using a baby bottle drying rack is a great place to store baby's bottle when it is drying.
  • Formula Dispenser Using a formula dispenser is a perfect way to store an exact proportion of baby's formula milk. With a formula dispenser, mommies don't have to worry anymore about the hustle of scooping and measuring baby's milk from its jar. Formula dispenser also helps protecting baby’s milk from acquiring any types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Sterilizers A baby is most vulnerable during his first year, that's why when it comes to feeding bottle, it's very important that it was sterilized. If baby bottles aren't sterilized, viruses, parasites, and bacteria could gather on the bottle that will make a baby ill. Creating a totally germ free environment is not possible, but by sterilizing baby's feeding bottle, it is easier to keep him healthy.



Baby meals also need essential feeding equipment. But mothers need to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment they are using to avoid any health issues. Check the list below as a guide on how to properly steilize the feeding equipment:

  • Electric steam sterilizing – this is the quick and efficient way to keep the bottles and other equipment clean. It just needs 8 to 12 minutes, then the cooling time.
  • Microwaving – Sterilizing equipment using microwave oven needs 90 seconds. This is also a quick and easy way to ensure the cleanliness of the feeding equipment. Just remember that you have to leave the bottles unsealed so that the pressure would not build up inside the bottle that will cause damage to the equipment.
  • Boiling – If the equipment are suitable for boiling, mothers can use this technique, but try not to use the pan for anything other than sterilizing of the baby’s feeding equipment
  • Cold water sterilizing – Dissolve a sterilizing solution in a cold water and put the equipment for 24 hours to effectively kill the bacteria. Mothers can also use special sterilizing units for cold-water sterilizing other than those tablet solutions. Don’t forget to rinse well the equipment before using it.



Make skin-to-skin contact when bottle feeding.

A research shows that a baby who is held while having a skin-to-skin contact tends to cry less than a baby who are cloth or wrapped in blanket. Additionally, skin-to-skin contact also boosts the levels of oxytocin or the 'love hormone.’ So when you’re feeding your baby, shed your shirt or unbutton at least a few buttons.

Let your baby be familiar with your scent.

Your natural scent is one of the primary ways for your baby to recognize you, and during feeding sessions it can help your baby to relax and digest better because he will feel secure. So when you are bathing, try not mask your natural scent with you soaps and perfumes, or you could try skipping taking a bath at least for a day.

Look at your baby in the eyes while feeding.

Looking at your baby when he is being fed is another proven way to increase the levels of oxytocin. But a newborn baby have a limited eyesight, so when you are feeding him, held him close to you. Hold him at chest level and support his head by the crook of your arm.

Bond with your baby.

Since you and your baby have locked eyes with each other, it is the perfect opportunity for you to talk or sing to him. Your voice is one of the most comforting sounds for your baby, so when you are feeding him with a bottle, talk to him.

Sniff your baby's head

Sniffing your baby's head is another way to release and increase the levels of oxytocin. So when you are holding your baby close to you sniff his head from time to time to let him feel your love and affection.

Switch arms during a feeding session.

By switching up your baby's position halfway through the feeding, you are giving him a chance to have a new view. Aside from letting your baby enjoying the new view of the world, it will also give you the chance to give your shoulders and back a break when feeding.

Let your baby enjoy his food.

Don't rush your baby in consuming his milk, let him enjoy the pleasure of sucking his milk and cuddling with you. Additionally, take him into a quiet room, so that you and he will be focused with each other.