Baby Breastfeeding Guide


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Here is your baby breastfeeding guide! In this guide, we share with you: 

  • Why Choose to Breastfeed
  • 5 Positions on Breastfeeding your Baby
  • What foods to eat while breastfeeding
  • Cleaning and Safety Concerns Regarding Breast Pumps
  • Top 7 Nursing Brand You Must Know
  • Top 10 Baby Nursing Products you Must Have (Featuring our Bestsellers!)
  • How to Increase Breast Milk Supply
  • How to Sterilize Breast Pump
  • Different Breastfeeding Poitions

Fun Fact: Did you know that your breast milk changes as your baby grows?

Your body changes to accommodate your baby's needs as he/she grows... to contain just the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein. How amazing is that!

When it comes to breastfeeding, it might be a challenge for some mums. So our team at Agape has prepared a breastfeeding guide for you to ease yourself into the process. Once you master it, it is going to be one of your most enjoyable moments as a mother!


  1. Gives your Baby Immunity -Breast milk helps your baby defend against infections, prevent allergies (eczema) and protect against several chronic conditions. It may help your baby protect against asthma, diabetes and even obesity! 
  2. Healthy & Nutritious -Want your baby to get higher IQ? A study* shows that breastfeed babies are more intelligent and do better in academics than their formula-fed counterparts! This is because breast milk is packed with vitamins and minerals that infants need. *Breastfeeding and Later Cognitive Outcomes", Jan 1998 Pediatrics Vol. 101, No. 1
  3. Easy for Baby's Digestion -Breast milk contains lactose, protein and fat that are easily digested by babies, leading to breast-fed babies not as prone to constipation, reflux or diarrhea.
  4. Great Mother-Baby Bonding Time -Close contact and quiet time during breastfeeding helps to enhance emotional connection between mom and baby. The warmth and closeness helps babies to feel more secure too.
  5. Helps Mama too! -Breastfeeding can help to burn calories and shrink the uterus (due to oxytocin secreted during nursing!) This allows you to get back into pre-pregnancy shape much quicker. Breastfeeding is also linked to a lower risk of postpartum depression as well. Some studies further show that it helps to lower the risk of certain diseases such as breast / ovarian cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure / cardiovascular disease.



This thing is needed to be taught especially for those first time mommies. Sometimes nurses in hospitals teach how to hold the baby during breastfeeding. Here are breastfeeding positions that will help you in feeding your little one.

  1. Reclining Hold - Also known as laid-back nursing.  This position is where you are going to lie down in a couch or in a bed that you are comfortable at. You may use pillows to support your head, neck, and upper back. Put your baby’s tummy down, vertically lying on the chest and make sure that the baby’s mouth is below your nipple. This nursing position is to let the baby seek out your nipple easily.
  2. Side - Lying Position - This position is very helpful during breastfeeding sessions in the middle of the night. Put a pillow under your head and make sure that your baby is facing you. Also, hold your breast with your hand.
  3. Football Hold - You will need to put your baby’s leg under your arm. Use your hand to cup your breast and use the other hand to hold your baby.
  4. Crossover Hold -  Hold your baby in your left hand and use your other hand to hold the right breast.
  5. Cradle Hold -  This one is the classic hold that most of the moms use during nursing time. Your baby’s head should rest in the bend of your elbow (right or left arm) and the other hand will support your baby’s body. After you already position your baby, hold you breast and gently press your nipple towards your baby.



Healthy eating means healthy baby. Here are the following tips that will help you see the nutritional goals required for breastfeeding your precious one:

  • You are breastfeeding so you need about 450-500 extra calories a day to be able to give breast milk to your baby. In some instances, mothers that are in normal range need more than 2,500 calories per day.
  • At least 2-3 times a week, eat fish and seafood but take note that you should not eat fish that is high in mercury levels.
  • Drink a lot of fluids; you’ll need it the same as your baby needs it also.
  • Eat vegetables and other foods that would help you to be healthier. Try to do some exercises as well.
  • Continue taking your prenatal multivitamin supplement while you are breastfeeding as it will help you as well, the same help that food brings to you.



  • Daily Cleaning. Cleaning and keeping it safe is an important stage in keeping your baby healthy. Make sure you wash all the washable parts because it is visible to breastmilk of your breast so it should be washed. Use hot water and air-dry it afterwards every use.
  • Sterilizing. It is highly recommended that after using the breast pump and washing it, sterilize all washable parts at least once a day. There are many ways on sterilizing the breast pump, this ways will definitely help you.
  • Used breast pumps. Numerous possible health risks are related with using an old and used breast pump. Before considering borrowing or buying a used breast pump, you need to be aware that it will affect your baby when the pump have presence of different viruses or bacteria.



  1. Medela - One of the leading high quality breastpump brands and the #1 choice in hospitals, Medela's Latest Pump is the Freestyle Flex - A 2-Phase double electric breast pump.Its light, compact design and USB-Chargeable battery gives you flexibility to express whereever and whenever you like! Full range of original Medela accessories are in store.

  2. Lansinoh - This is one of the most affordable breast pump brands with the same features like the others, including the bells and the whistles. This also has the battery options and has adjustable speed and force settings. Furthermore, this pump has flexible flanges that help every mom to be more comfortable in pumping.

  3. Hegen - Perfect for mothers beginning their breastfeeding journey! Featuring a unique kneading massage feature that helps relieve body aches and sore muscles experienced by breastfeeding mothers.  The massager creates a gentle cupping and kneading sensation to release tension from breast engorgement and helps to stimulate milk supply. 

  4. Haakaa - A very popular manual Pump that is especially soft and comforable - made from 100$ food grade silicone!






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