Your Guide to Buying a Breast Pump


Natural breast milk boosts your baby’s immune system & saves money. However, when your maternity leave is coming to an end, most working moms find it difficult to breastfeed as frequently as before. At such a juncture, breast pumps can be a life-saver.

Buying a breast pump isn’t easy, considering that there are many options available. Thus, we’ve put together a guide to buying a breast pump! Before buying a pump, run through the following questions below. It is important to purchase one that fits your needs.

  • Are you having trouble breastfeeding?
  • Do you need to increase or keep up your supply of breast milk?
  • How often will you use the pump? Will you pump more than once a day?
  • Do you want a manual or electric pump?
  • Is it for home or work?



Once you have answered the above questions, you will need to look at the different types of pumps on the market. There are 3 main types of breast pumps, each with its pros and cons. It is important to pick the best type of pump before worrying about which brand to pick.



Are you having trouble breastfeeding?
Do you need to increase or keep up your supply of breast milk?

If you are having trouble breastfeeding due to nursing a premature baby or low breast milk supply, doctors would recommend you using an hospital grade electric pump. This type of pump that allows you to control the suck and release as well as the timing and best simulates the baby suckling.

If you are experiencing low supply of milk, you might want to consider drinking tea that helps to boost your milk supply.

Traditional Medicinals’s Organic Mother’s Milk Tea promotes healthy lactation. It is a natural and caffeine free herbal tea that helps to soothe your nerves. Highly recommended by lactation counsellors and medicinal herbalists. Once we heard about this, we had to bring it to the store!

Another awesome product we came across was Earth Mama’s Organic Milkmaid Tea, a 100% organic herbal tea specially created for breastfeeding mamas. It contains a fragrant blend of organic herbs that keeps breast milk flowing from healthy mama to healthy baby. Also, it is caffeine free and comes in recyclable and biodegradable tea bags.


How often will you use the pump? 

If you do not pump frequently, a manual breast pump might be all that you need! A manual pump requires you to actively participate in the pumping process. These models include a cone / shield that you place over your breast and you simply squeeze the handle to pump. Sometimes they include a pump or lever used to control the sucking speed and power of the breast milk being released.


Will you pump more than once a day?
Is it for home or work?

For moms that need to pump more than once a day, we recommend using an electric breast pump. It is popular amongst moms who are returning to work and are frequently away from their baby.

These fully automatic pumps are generally for moms who have a well-established milk supply. They are automatic & mimic a baby’s natural suckling pattern so you spend less time pumping.

  • Battery pumps are great when you are away for only short periods of time. Many models allow you to adjust both suction and frequency of the pumping. However, a downside is that you will need to replace / recharge the batteries frequently. The best part about battery pumps is that they are portable, and save the hassle of finding power plugs.

Medela (Single Electric) Swing Breastpump

  • Electric pumps need to be hooked up to an electrical source. Many times this source can be the cigarette lighter in most cars with a simple adaptor. If you’re using your breast pump at home, you should opt for an electric one so you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries (or look for rechargeable ones!).

The Medela Freestyle (double electric) comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to pump anywhere, anytime!



We’ve found out that Medela is one of the most popular brands that mothers turn to for breast pumps! (Which is why we had to have it in our store!) You might want to consider other brands like Lansinoh too!

What’s so special about Medela?

Their breastpumps include their exclusive 2-Phase Expression® technology which allows Medela to model their breastpumps after breastfeeding babies. It allows you to produce more milk in less time!

  1. Stimulation phase – when babies first go to breast, they suck fast and light to stimulate milk flow
  2. Expression phase – after milk flow or “let-down” starts, babies breastfeed with a slower, deeper suck, bringing out more milk faster

When you start to pump you will need additional breastfeeding supplies to supplement the pumping process for maximum comfort. 


Though good breast pumps can be quite pricey, I would recommend that you find one that suit your needs rather than base your decision on the price tag! This is because you’ll be using the pump so often that it’s definitely going to be worth it to get something that is lasting and of good quality! Plus, you’re already going to be saving so much money on formula since breast milk is naturally produced and a gift from God. 

Don’t forget to share this guide with your mummy friends to help them choose their best breast pump!